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Convenience: You can quickly share files with colleagues, friends, or family members with just a few clicks.

Accessibility: Once your files are uploaded, they become accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Storage Space: Running out of storage space on your computer or mobile device? provide ample storage capacity to accommodate your files. With the ability to store large files, you can keep your devices clutter-free and optimize their performance.

How to Upload Files for Free:

Choose Files to Upload: Locate the files on your device that you want to upload. You can select individual files or multiple files simultaneously. Ten files!

You can either drag and drop the files into the designated area or use a file selection dialog.

Monitor the Upload Progress: During the upload, you may see a progress bar or percentage indicator to track the completion of the process. Larger files or slower internet connections may require more time to upload.

Share Your Files: Once the upload is complete.


ShareallFiles offer a convenient and efficient solution for sharing and storing files. By utilizing these services, you can enjoy seamless accessibility, ample storage space. Follow the simple steps outlined above to get started with effortless file uploading.

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